Cold Storage

Chilled, frozen, and ambient storage facilities with cross dock and transshipment facilities.

Cold Storage

From farm to supermarket, and vice versa, we can take care of your cold chain needs.


Times around the earth a year

Temperature Controlled

From collection to delivery, your shipment’s temperature can be monitored and recorded 24/7.

Our Cold Storage and transport facilities will ensure your commodity maintains optimal temperatures depending on the product’s needs; typically within the range -25˚C to +20˚C.

Ambient Storage

We aim to deliver efficiency gains through solutions that reduce complexity, handovers, and minimise waste. Essentially, we let our customers focus on developing their business whilst we take care of the logistics.

Our key components when it comes to managing customer demands are visibility and transparency. We take care of managing and executing our customer’s supply chain efficiently, reliably, and on budget.

Chilled Storage

We provide our customers with flexible cold storage capacity allowing them to cover for any interruptions in the distribution process or other short-term needs.

This flexibility is particularly useful when dealing with storage capacity to cover seasonal needs.

Frozen Storage

For our customers, a controlled cold storage environment with stable temperatures and constant monitoring is vital to maintaining the highest quality and maximising the shelf life of their products.

Pick and Pack

Our state-of-the-art Pick and Pack technology enable us to quickly locate, pick and ship our customer’s products when and to where they are needed.


We are a member of BRCGS, which is operated by a Board and a Management Team. The organisation receives strategic and technical input from an International Advisory Board (IAB), represented by international retailers, food service companies and manufacturers.